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    Badan Bertindak Mahasiswa Negara (BBMN) ditubuhkan pada tahun 1986 idea daripada Prof. Dr Zulkifli Yaakob. Sejak penubuhannya, BBMN menjadi medan perhimpunan YDP MPP universiti diseluruh negara. Kini walaupun kampus-kampus dimanipulasi oleh puak aspirasi, namun begitu BBMN terus bergerak dimana ianya menjadi medan berkumpulnya ahli Majlis Perwakilan Mahasiswa yang mewakili Pro-Mahasiswa di seluruh negara.

UiTM went too far to demonstrate

Posted by bbmn on August 20, 2008

Looking and taking it positively, the suggestion to put on 10% of non-Bumi into UiTM is actually one step ahead to produce world-class standard leaders. This is in line with the Vision of the university that see Bumiputera’s dynamic involvement in all professional fields. The addition of world-class standards may seem to be exaggerated, if UiTM stays with its current condition now. (see UiTM philosophy, vision and mission)

How can the Bumiputeras be world class standard professionals when they only get to mix with their own?

In 2003, Tun Mahathir began stressing in the needs for the Malays to abandon their ‘cruthches’ and saw meritocracy as one of the way to make them more competent as they will get their education only if they work hard for it (here) . And that year, which is my SPM year, and year after that, the media focused on SPM top scorers. And guess what, the Malays can actually do more than just plain 10As. I took 9 subjects, and luckily (and not just lucky – with all the hardwork), get all As.

When the Menteri Besar merely suggested, as opposed to our previous Prime Minister who implemented, 5000 students who walk that day was walking for nothing. The fact that the Menteri Besar has no authority to implement his suggestion on the university’s student intake policy made ‘the show of crowd’ as too far, and totally different with our previous history when Tun Mahathir implemented ‘meritocracy’. Do anyone demonstrate at that time?

I can’t help but think that the move was politically motivated, maybe to one extent hide the bitter truth of one’s losing in the next by-elections. Or maybe, to stay relevant, to still be the Malay hero, to instill the fear of ‘racial integration’ to the extent of printing up big pictures in the front page of mainstream media, they then get the support of the Malays in Permatang Pauh. This strategy of creating the ‘culture of fear’ has been done before, and will not fail to be executed again.

Solution to this? If the Malays still keep to their threatened-majority mentality, integration in Malaysia will only be a dream, and one that is very clouded. If UiTM wants to stick to the same old student intake policy, go ahead, there are voices from non-Bumis (such as here) who said they do not wish for a place in UiTM after all.

Presiden BBMN

2 Responses to “UiTM went too far to demonstrate”

  1. lucia said

    thanks for linking me. it’s good to note that BBMN support the MB’s proposal. if not mistaken the VC of UiTM even said “malays are not ready to compete with other races yet” – wasn’t that such an insult to the malays?

    i believe so that the demos were politically motivated. the students should learn to be smart not to be used by ’em politicians.

  2. Ika said


    i want to respond a bit on this matter. As a student of UiTM n Vice Pres of MPP UiTM *****, im telling u, EVERYTHING was staged by the HEP. it is a political demo done to give a blow to PKR.
    In fact, students were told that they MUST attend this demo. Classes were canceled. And of course students were more than glad to do it. Hey, no class for today, hooray for them. Direct orders was given by Pengarah Kampus to do the demo. This order was given straight from the Vice Chancellor. MPP UiTM is no more than puppets, actors (we were given scripts of what to say – freedom of what to say, yeah right!!!)

    Ironically, we were once given letters, straight from VC again, the absolute warning and order of “DONT DO ANY DEMONSTRATIONS IN UiTM”. but maybe he forgot to put the statement “demos that are for the benefit of UMNO is allowed”

    lots of UiTM students know the truth…we arent that stupid….

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