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    Badan Bertindak Mahasiswa Negara (BBMN) ditubuhkan pada tahun 1986 idea daripada Prof. Dr Zulkifli Yaakob. Sejak penubuhannya, BBMN menjadi medan perhimpunan YDP MPP universiti diseluruh negara. Kini walaupun kampus-kampus dimanipulasi oleh puak aspirasi, namun begitu BBMN terus bergerak dimana ianya menjadi medan berkumpulnya ahli Majlis Perwakilan Mahasiswa yang mewakili Pro-Mahasiswa di seluruh negara.

Rebate : Another Psychological Trap

Posted by bbmn on June 22, 2008

pic courtesy of Utusan Malaysia Online

When we went for universities, we were always told by people ‘higher up’ that we should be grateful that we had qualified for this privilege. They will also tell us that we are enjoying people’s money, and that the people is hoping to see our success.

I do not say we should not be grateful. Be grateful for what you have.
Also, do your best to give back something for the country.

The worrying part is, since you were enjoying people’s money, they say you should support the government.
And not any particular government, but the one that raised petrol price up 40%.
As a student, we never agreed to raise in petrol price, but since we are studying in public universities, we do not have the right to voice our anger to the government, do we?

There you go, psychological trap number 1.

Eh, I said ‘public universities’, not ‘govt universities’…

Since we are studying in university funded by the people’s money, we should have the right to voice the concern of the people to the government, right?

Number two

When the government went all the way chipping in money to pay ‘oil rebates’, they say ot out loud, putting it on the media, telling how much has been spent to pay rebates to the people. Here and here.

It looks like everything has been settled. The wrath of the people has been consoled. Havoc created by rising petrol price now is clouded with happy faces with RM625s and RM 150s.

And now, since we already received our part of the bargain, we actually agreed with the deal, right? ’70 cents raised’ for RM625.

Question is, will you be the one “on the street” after you received that money?

There you go, number two.

Please, those who have kids out there, ask your kids whether they have enough money to pay for their daily lunch at school. Some ‘kueh’ price might increase a little, and they have to learn to start saving their money.

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